Friday, June 27, 2008

Boy Stuff

I have been trying to come up with fun stuff to keep the boys busy. They did some painting the other day. I think they enjoyed it. I bought a big roll of butcher paper for them to paint on. I taped a huge pieces of it on the garage floor and let them get creative. Wes took to finger painting with it right way. It didn't take too long for Austin to figre out how much fun Wes was having.


I took some pictures of the garden to share. I think I'm so excited about the garden because it's coming along better than I imagined it would. I usually don't do too well with plants, but things seem to be somewhat thriving!
Maybe I have a little bit of a green thumb after all!

Last night I made squash that I coated in bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese and baked it in the oven. It was quite tasty! I just hope I can get more squash to grow. The one plant hasn't produced to many. The flowers keep producing, but they shrivel up and fall off. I think the evil bugs might have something to do with it!
I just hope we'll get some beans soon. I think I saw the beginnings of tiny bean pods forming on the plants this evening! :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Pool!

This is what I had been feeling like!

Hot Daze of Summer!

It has been so incredibly hot here in the midlands! Crazy, crazy, crazy hot! We decided that a pool for the backyard would be a good investment. We have used it almost everyday! Hopefully we got one that we can save and use again for the next few seasons! We got a better one than we had last year. We all love soaking in it! I'm finally getting around to posting pics and updating the blog. Turns out my allergies had turned into a sinus infection. That explained the lack of energy and was to blame on why I felt so awful. I finally finished my antibiotics! I have some new allergy medicines that are actually making me symptom free! It's so nice to be feeling good again!

Today we were able to make a visit to Thornwell. It was nice to see old friends and see one of the guys who was in our cottage when we worked there. He was so grown up from the last time we'd seen him! It's so crazy how fast kids grow up! We were hoping we'd get to see one of the guys that had graduated from high school this week, but he was away at camp! We were so happy and proud of him for earning a full college scholarship! This is such a big accomplishment for a kid in his shoes! We first met him when he was about thirteen. Reminds me just how quickly life goes by! I was feeling rather old today when we made a trip down memory lane today!

So I'll post some stuff for now!! I know how much everyone likes the photos and the updates! :) Sorry that I have been falling short in adding them! :)