Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Wesley!

Wesley is officially two now! He had a super fun birthday. He absolutely loved blowing out the candles on his cupcake! He is a very enthusiastic present opener. He got some pretty cool gifts. He got a Thomas the Tank Train aqua doodle. As you can see by the picture he has a very excited expression on his face when he opens it. He also got a very cool kitchen set. I know...boys don't play with kitchen stuff, but hey there are some very masculine successful chefs. And his kitchen set doesn't have any pink or flowers or anything like that. Even Austin has been caught playing cooking with Wes!! Boys do like to pretend to cook too. Cooking, it's not just for girls anymore!! :) Wesley also got a very cool cel phone. It has some awesome ring tones! It's more fun then our real cel phone. Now maybe Wes will quit trying to take ours! Thanks Auntie Dianne for the cool toy!

Eric and the boys had a guys day out at Chuckie Cheeses! Pizza and video games, what fun! Austin really likes the ski ball game! Mom had to work unfortunately, but that's okay, because she was lucky enough, or I should say blessed...because that's truly what it have Christmas Eve and Christmas off! Only one more day of Christmas rush shoppers to get through!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Early Present

Wes got an early birthday present from Grandma "P". He had so much fun opening the present and throwing the paper on the floor. We thought he'd never get it open he was taking his time enjoying the paper. She gave him this very cool reindeer that records a greeting. He liked playing over and over, but now he has figured out how to record his own sounds on there. He likes to say, "Ho, Ho, Ho." and "Don't Bug Me!"

Austin has his last football game this Saturday. His team has been undefeated so far. He thinks that is pretty cool. He is really serious on the football field. I have some great pictures of him with this intense look of concentration on the field. He is very excited about his football team party this weekend!

We finally got our tree up and decorated. I tried really hard to get a reindeer antler picture of Petey. Unfortunately, Petey eventually got his paws in the antlers and chewed them into a thousand tiny pieces. Guess he was teaching me a lesson for trying to get him to wear the antlers! I did manage to get one good photo before that happened though! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cool Link

Here is a link to Pepsi's website. You can make cool virtual snow globes and it's all free and for a good cause!! :)

Check it out!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Pooh Covered Twenty Dollar Bill!

Okay....if I keep having unforgettable moments like I have been experiencing at Walmart....I am going to have to write a book and publish it! Today I had the pleasure of having a customer hand me a twenty dollar bill that was (I kid you not) covered in fecal matter. Be it human or animal....I couldn't say, but the smell was enough to turn my stomach. I grabbed it with a plastic bag....ran my counterfeit test marker over it....and called for a manager because I was not about to put that smelly dirty money in my register. This money looked like someone used it for toilet paper. I couldn't make these stories up if I tried!! The customer even told me he had the money in his jeans and that he didn't realize he'd been given a twenty like that. He swore he got it from the bank that way. I told him that if I were him I'd go home and burn my jeans! I was going to have a chocolate bar for my snack that night, but some how after that experience...eating chocolate just really lost its appeal.

A couple days before this happened I had a guy who was buying a plunger ask if he could go test it out in the public restroom before taking it home to make sure it works. I told him if he was brave enough to put that in a Walmart toilet and then his own toilet...that he could go for it. People are not kind to the Walmart bathrooms. Then he asked if the toilet plunger didn't work after he gave it a "test drive" on his toilet at home...could he bring it back. I said, "sure just bring it with your receipt to customer service".

It's not all bad! :) I had a middle-aged couple tell me I looked like Sandra Bullock. What girl doesn't want to be told that??!! :) I don't think I look like her, but I'll take the compliment! :)

Among other things, because I don't want to give off the idea that Walmart is my entire is a very small part!! Just happens to be some good stories come from there!!
The boys continue to keep us laughing. Austin does this hysterical dance that he copies from the movie Barnyard. Great movie! It's from the scene where the Otis is dancing while hanging out of the car after returning from "Boy Tipping". You have to see the movie to get the joke! I'll have to see if I can get a clip of Ausitn dancing because it's so funny! Then Wes...well he is becoming a regular parrot. He copies everything you say and do...and it is sooooo funny! :) All he wants to do is everything he sees his big brother do! With the exception of wanting to learn to use the potty. He has no interest in that what so ever!! He loves snow globes! He will sit on the couch and shake the snow globe saying, "Look, Santa !" Can't wait to see them on Christmas!! They are going to have so much fun!! :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

You Can Eat Cake......

I was doing a trial run of a snowman cake which is what I planned to use for Wesley's birthday on 12/20. Well....I thought this will be so cool. I make the cake take a photo.... post it on the blog....get some feedback on how it came out.....well....there will be no photo of this practice cake!! I put it in our small freezer to set the frosting. Well I guess the freezer was a bit too small. When I opened the freezer door, the cake came flying out. But...oh, I have quick hands when it comes to chocolate cake!! I managed to catch that sucker like a wide receiver cradles a football for a touchdown pass! Except for the fact that the snowman was damaged in the catching process, the cake is intact and very much edible! In fact, the boys and I already had a slice. Sorry, Eric. We were going to wait for you, but once the cake was a little messed up.....well we needed to taste it to make sure it was okay! :) Hopefully I'll get a picture of the next cake...only this time I can't mess it up because it will be Wesley's party cake! :) It's really too bad I couldn't post a picture because it had light blue frosting with clear sugar sprinkles to look like snow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heavy Air

I uh....had an interesting night to say the least. I have been working at Walmart part-time because it's the most flexible part-time work I could find. I also like the 10% discount! It really helps pay for the things we constantly need for the kids!! But anyway . . . there is a point to this story, I promise! I was checking out a customers groceries, when I had to open a plastic bag of produce to see what it was so I could key it in and weigh it on the scale. I apparently left some air in the bag. Well the customer informed me that leaving air in the bag makes the vegetables weigh in heavier on the scale and results in over charging on the price of the produce. In my mind I'm thinking,"Are you kidding me? Can we test this theory of yours?" I'm really dying to prove her theory wrong!! But of course I kind of want to keep my job and making those sort of comments wouldn't be very polite. So.....I open the bag back up attempt to let all the air out....and then ask her if this looks like it's okay to weigh. Oh my the things I see and hear really keeps things interesting!! People definitely get me flustered sometimes with their wacky requests and ideas!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We had a great Thanksgiving with our good friends Mike and Ronna! It really made the day extra special having them here to share it with! The boys especially enjoyed their company!! Here are a couple of great pics of the boys. Austin insisted on having the turkey leg. Wes was crazy about having sparkling grape juice in a very cool plastic glass that looks like it's only for big people! :)

Birthday Ideas

I'm trying to work on a simple yet fun and affordable birthday idea for Wes. I think we are going to go with a Polar Express theme. It's simple and with it being the Christmas season super easy to do! I think we are going to have cocoa and cider. I found a really cute idea to make a snowman birthday cake. I think we could pull this off fairly cheaply and still have loads of fun. Now if I could just find out my work schedule, that would be fantastic because then I could start planning the date!! Ah the joys of working retail! :)

This my first go at a new blog! I have to get things figured out and then I'll post more! :)