Friday, December 7, 2007

Pooh Covered Twenty Dollar Bill!

Okay....if I keep having unforgettable moments like I have been experiencing at Walmart....I am going to have to write a book and publish it! Today I had the pleasure of having a customer hand me a twenty dollar bill that was (I kid you not) covered in fecal matter. Be it human or animal....I couldn't say, but the smell was enough to turn my stomach. I grabbed it with a plastic bag....ran my counterfeit test marker over it....and called for a manager because I was not about to put that smelly dirty money in my register. This money looked like someone used it for toilet paper. I couldn't make these stories up if I tried!! The customer even told me he had the money in his jeans and that he didn't realize he'd been given a twenty like that. He swore he got it from the bank that way. I told him that if I were him I'd go home and burn my jeans! I was going to have a chocolate bar for my snack that night, but some how after that experience...eating chocolate just really lost its appeal.

A couple days before this happened I had a guy who was buying a plunger ask if he could go test it out in the public restroom before taking it home to make sure it works. I told him if he was brave enough to put that in a Walmart toilet and then his own toilet...that he could go for it. People are not kind to the Walmart bathrooms. Then he asked if the toilet plunger didn't work after he gave it a "test drive" on his toilet at home...could he bring it back. I said, "sure just bring it with your receipt to customer service".

It's not all bad! :) I had a middle-aged couple tell me I looked like Sandra Bullock. What girl doesn't want to be told that??!! :) I don't think I look like her, but I'll take the compliment! :)

Among other things, because I don't want to give off the idea that Walmart is my entire is a very small part!! Just happens to be some good stories come from there!!
The boys continue to keep us laughing. Austin does this hysterical dance that he copies from the movie Barnyard. Great movie! It's from the scene where the Otis is dancing while hanging out of the car after returning from "Boy Tipping". You have to see the movie to get the joke! I'll have to see if I can get a clip of Ausitn dancing because it's so funny! Then Wes...well he is becoming a regular parrot. He copies everything you say and do...and it is sooooo funny! :) All he wants to do is everything he sees his big brother do! With the exception of wanting to learn to use the potty. He has no interest in that what so ever!! He loves snow globes! He will sit on the couch and shake the snow globe saying, "Look, Santa !" Can't wait to see them on Christmas!! They are going to have so much fun!! :)