Thursday, December 6, 2007

You Can Eat Cake......

I was doing a trial run of a snowman cake which is what I planned to use for Wesley's birthday on 12/20. Well....I thought this will be so cool. I make the cake take a photo.... post it on the blog....get some feedback on how it came out.....well....there will be no photo of this practice cake!! I put it in our small freezer to set the frosting. Well I guess the freezer was a bit too small. When I opened the freezer door, the cake came flying out. But...oh, I have quick hands when it comes to chocolate cake!! I managed to catch that sucker like a wide receiver cradles a football for a touchdown pass! Except for the fact that the snowman was damaged in the catching process, the cake is intact and very much edible! In fact, the boys and I already had a slice. Sorry, Eric. We were going to wait for you, but once the cake was a little messed up.....well we needed to taste it to make sure it was okay! :) Hopefully I'll get a picture of the next cake...only this time I can't mess it up because it will be Wesley's party cake! :) It's really too bad I couldn't post a picture because it had light blue frosting with clear sugar sprinkles to look like snow.