Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heavy Air

I uh....had an interesting night to say the least. I have been working at Walmart part-time because it's the most flexible part-time work I could find. I also like the 10% discount! It really helps pay for the things we constantly need for the kids!! But anyway . . . there is a point to this story, I promise! I was checking out a customers groceries, when I had to open a plastic bag of produce to see what it was so I could key it in and weigh it on the scale. I apparently left some air in the bag. Well the customer informed me that leaving air in the bag makes the vegetables weigh in heavier on the scale and results in over charging on the price of the produce. In my mind I'm thinking,"Are you kidding me? Can we test this theory of yours?" I'm really dying to prove her theory wrong!! But of course I kind of want to keep my job and making those sort of comments wouldn't be very polite. So.....I open the bag back up attempt to let all the air out....and then ask her if this looks like it's okay to weigh. Oh my the things I see and hear really keeps things interesting!! People definitely get me flustered sometimes with their wacky requests and ideas!!