Saturday, August 21, 2010

Memorial of a Dear Sweet Friend

n Wednesday I came to find out that a friend passed away unexpectedly.  It was so unexpected and sudden.  She was a truly amazing person.  It was impossible to know my friend Joy without seeing the shine of God in her life.  Joy was the kind of friend that made special handmade cards and took the time to send snail mail.  She had a gift of making those around her feel special and loved.  She was never too busy to reach out. I can remember her at my baby shower for my youngest son.  I remember working with her at Thornwell where we met.   I can vividly remember her holding my baby as we chatted and  watched the other children play on the playground. Children were at ease with her.  She had such a heart for children.  She had an amazing faith.  She truly lived her life out for God in the short twenty-six years of her life.  She made more impact in those few short years than most of us could ever hope to make.    She was fearless in her mission to reach out to children in third world countries.  It was on her last missions trip to Asia that she developed an aneurysm  that she would not recover from.  My heart goes out to her family as I cannot imagine the hurt that comes with losing a family member so unexpectedly.  I hope and pray they have peace in knowing that they will one day see her again in God's kingdom. I hope there is comfort and joy in knowing how happy she is to be with Jesus.  I know He has his reasons for allowing these things to happen.  This side of heaven we may never comprehend the reasons.  She was an amazing person that made such an impact, truly living out spreading the gospel. If you asked her what her life's verse was she'd quickly tell you James 1:27.  She went to places that would terrify many of us. Living in rugged places far beyond the modern comforts that we Americans often take for granted.  It was in those places that she shined the brightest.  Her gift was definitely missions.  She was living out her dream as she served abroad. She touched hearts in both her life and death.  It's made me realize yet again not to sweat the small stuff.  Take the time to tell your loved ones how much you care.  Life is fragile, make it count.  I believe Joy did.