Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Wesley!

Wesley is officially two now! He had a super fun birthday. He absolutely loved blowing out the candles on his cupcake! He is a very enthusiastic present opener. He got some pretty cool gifts. He got a Thomas the Tank Train aqua doodle. As you can see by the picture he has a very excited expression on his face when he opens it. He also got a very cool kitchen set. I know...boys don't play with kitchen stuff, but hey there are some very masculine successful chefs. And his kitchen set doesn't have any pink or flowers or anything like that. Even Austin has been caught playing cooking with Wes!! Boys do like to pretend to cook too. Cooking, it's not just for girls anymore!! :) Wesley also got a very cool cel phone. It has some awesome ring tones! It's more fun then our real cel phone. Now maybe Wes will quit trying to take ours! Thanks Auntie Dianne for the cool toy!

Eric and the boys had a guys day out at Chuckie Cheeses! Pizza and video games, what fun! Austin really likes the ski ball game! Mom had to work unfortunately, but that's okay, because she was lucky enough, or I should say blessed...because that's truly what it have Christmas Eve and Christmas off! Only one more day of Christmas rush shoppers to get through!