Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!'s been a little crazy since Christmas has come and gone. We had a nice day as a family! On Christmas Eve friends of our came to visit with us. We used to work at Thornwell together. Anytime we can get together with old's always a good time! We have made so many dear friend there! It's so amazing to see how richly God blesses your life when you are serving him. It was definitely mission type of work there. Now that I no longer work in that setting I see and appreciate things that I maybe didn't realize at the time we were experiencing it. Eric and I have come to realize that we do have missionary hearts and could see ourselves serving again someday once our little boys are grown!

Back to our holidays....We had a nice lasagna and some delicious cookies that my friend Emma made! We have this secret dream...well I guess it's not much of a secret...but someday we'd love to open a bakery/coffee shop together. Maybe if it's in God's plans that will someday happen. We both love to bake! So maybe we'll start off with a cookbook together! It was so good to just sit back and hang out. I made reindeer food in advance....oatmeal and glitter in little bags. So the kids put reindeer food out on the front lawn. I told the kids that the sparkles were there so that the reindeer could spot it from the sky. They thought that was pretty cool! Then of course we had to pull out the old karaoke on the x-box. That is always sure to create some fun and laughter! We were informed by our friend Anthony that some of his relatives could tear up some spoons. (Reference to making music). Unfortunately Anthony can't play the spoons....much to our disappointment!

Christmas morning we were awakened to the sound of Austin squealing that Santa had stopped at our house! I was just super happy that we actually got to sleep in until 8:00 am. That was a great present in itself! The boys had a great day. I will have to get some pictures up on the site soon! Wes caught a cold right after Christmas and then he gave it to Austin and I. I have have been so tired from it. I had the blessing of having Christmas Eve and Day off, but right after that it was back to retail! Today is the first day off I have had since Christmas and it was much needed. It was nice that Eric and I had a day together! Eric gave me some really special books on Christmas! He's so creative and clever about these things! He got me couple of how to books on writing and illustrating children's stories. He has re sparked my enthusiasm and I have been really trying to sketch and write every spare moment I get!

I will eventually get some pictures up here! That and my new years resolutions! :)
Hope everyone had a blessed and enjoyable holiday season! Can't believe it's all over now!
Peace and Blessings! :)