Thursday, July 17, 2008

Picking Blueberries

The boys and I went berry picking today. I have always wanted to go pick blueberries. When I used to work at Walmart, a customer told me about a place around here to pick berries. I had no idea there was one less than a mile from our house. The berries are finally in season. The boys had a great time. I thouhgt we'd picked a good bit of berries. I was shocked that we had only picked $1.45 worth the berries. We pay far more than that at the grocery store and never end up with as many. I just had to take lots of pictures of the berry picking fun. We want to go back with Eric so he can join in the fun too. Berry season only goes through early August so we have to do it again soon! I'm going to makes some muffins, pancakes, and possibly even a cobbler out of these berries!

Wes did really good at only making sure to pick the ones that were nice and dark. I was very impressed. Austin was a pro at finding the biggest juiciest berries! I have been enjoying our summer weather because it hasn't been too unbearbly hot out. We can actually go to the park late morning and do things like picking berries and actually enjoy being outside wihout the heat making us miserable. I am so thankful. I thought for sure we were going to be in for a scorcher of a summer.


Pauline said...

Just wait, August is not here yet!! You know those SC summers are crazy! But I guess it helps when you have a pool in the back yard.--Pauline