Saturday, October 11, 2008

Karate Kid

Well, we have embarked on another new exciting adventure! Austin has started karate lessons. We'd hoped he would continue with the guitar lessons, but at this point that is a bit pricey. I think I can manage to teach him what I hopefully he'll still get to do that as well, and it will be free! He has been interested in Karate for some time now. We decided to look into it. He went to a week of free trial lessons and it was easily evident that he is completely enjoying it. It's a family owned place and the emphasis is really about he kids having fun and getting exercise. It's not like this high pressure competition thing. Which is perfect for Austin. After a day of school, it's nice for him to get to run around and get some energy out. I can only imagine how hard it is for boys to have to try and sit still and quiet in class with only a twenty minute recess to try and release some of that energy. That's just not in any boys' nature! He has such big smile on his face at karate. He just loves this obstacle course that they run and jump through Life will always have plenty of pressures. Karate doesn't need to be one of those. Sometimes the instructor even calls on Wes to join in the fun. So I have a feeling that later down the road we will have to karate kids in our household.


Carol said...

The karate kid has arrived! Loved the pics. Austin's uncle Tracy will want to see these pics of
Austin. He also attended Karate classes when he was growing up.