Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Excavator Brothers

I am loving the new season of life that we are presently in. We are in the beginning season of a new homeschool year. Life is exciting here at our house, and I am determined to keep it that way. Creativity don't fail me now! I fear that about three months from now I will run out of steam. For now I am plugging along strong! Thanks be to God! I am loving that we are not having to rush our third grader out the door to school only to see him again near three in the afternoon. I love not having to rush through an afternoon of snacks, homework, dinner, and in what seems like the blink of an eye, bedtime. Our days seem a little less hurried and a lot more relaxed. In spite of that, I really think a good bit of learning is taking place. I am also amazed at how much less fighting takes place among the boys. It seemed like the boys did a bit more of that after Austin got home from school during the last school year. I think the difference is the pace of our lives. This homeschool business certainly seems to suit Austin! Today He got to do quiet reading time outside in the backyard! We were lovin it. Yesterday we got to put some real archeological skills into practice. We are reading Story of the World Vol. 1

A very kind friend let me borrow a teaching guide that goes along with it. We have been having so much fun. Thank you, Mari! Austin has been reading books on the topic like a maniac. I'm all for maniac book reading! This past weekend we were in a store that had these fossils buried in plaster paris along with the mini tools to dig them out. They were on clearance and I couldn't resist them. The boys were with me when I discovered these, but I managed to purchase them on the down low. I think they were distracted the many other toys in the store. They didn't see me sneakingly make the purchase. So as we finished our study topic on archaeology, they were more than thrilled about our activity of the day. My little adventurers that they are, worked hard to dig out the fossils! Hopefully we will continue to have many more exciting days like this at our house.


Pauline said...

that looks really fun. Where did you get it?
I went running today! My legs are hurting tonight! These hills in my neighborhood are CRAZY!!!

colorfulwoman said...

Ben loves those kits! I am so glad you guys are doing so well!!! What a BLESSING:) We would love to see Austin soon!

Mari Fontana said...

What an encouraging post! thanks!
So glad your year has started off so brilliantly.

grandmap said...

that looked like a lot of fun. glad to boys are taking to the new school year! xxoo