Monday, December 28, 2009

The Prized Christmas Gift

Austin has been wishing this certain item for about three Christmases!!  And now thanks to some of Santa's helpers.....this Christmas.....his wishing came true.  Austin even told us as he awoke that morning that he had heard Santa's reindeer landing on the roof in the middle of the night.  But, of course, Austin said he made sure he stayed in bed.  He was so excited that night before he went to bed because this would be the first Christmas Eve where he slept in a top bunk ever so close tot he roof top! It pays to be the oldest!! Here is the video of Austin opening his special gift.  Of course once'll want to pause the music player before you start the video!  Sorry people, I'm a music junky!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Baby is FOUR!?!?

My dear sweet baby is officially four now!! I can't comprehend that! Where does the time go? Blink and it's gone! We spoiled him and celebrated his birthday a day early. Sunday is his official birthday, but we have a busy day with church breakfast and program. So we decided to make today a relaxing day of birthday fun! I attempted to make an ice cream cake. It was not an easy process I discovered, but we may try it again sometime! Birthday boy gobbled up his cake! He was quite enthusiastic about it. I think he may have been more enthusiastic about the cake than the presents, at least at first! So in reflecting on the past four years of Wesley's life I poured through his baby pictures. We are very blessed! Wes is our wonderful Christmas gift from God. Each year I remember how special that first Christmas was with him. He is our quirky funny bunny who keeps us laughing. He showers us all with hugs and kisses and tells silly stories. He is the brother that Austin always hoped for. Thank you God for Wesley! He will always be our wonderful Christmas gift from above!