Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frogs and Monkeys for Valentine's Day

I have been really been slacking when it comes to updating the blog. We have been struggling with colds and the flu at our house for about the last three weeks. Finally, we all seem to be feeling better now. I had one of those colds that I just couldn't seem to kick out of my system. I ended up losing my voice for several days. It was very annoying. You don't realize how much you take your voice for granted until you lose it! Isn't that the way it is with a lot of things in life! We are back on the up and and up. I'm ready for the warm spring weather to stick around. I don't like when the temperatures change back and forth. It's when that happens that we seem to catch colds in the first place!

So, now oh to the pictures. Wesley got a singing frog prince. Austin got a dancing d.j. monkey. They both absolutely loved their toys! I snapped a couple of cute pictures of them. Wes insisted on having lunch with his frog! It was so cute to watch! :)