Thursday, March 27, 2008


I have decided that I'm going to start sharing some of my sketches. I have been thinking a lot lately about how I wish I would have pursued art education as my major instead of elementary education. I believe it is more in line with what I really wanted to do with my degree. I often wonder if maybe I had gone this route, maybe I may have actually completed my degree. But, I have to throw out that thought from my mind because I know God allows the things we do and achieve to happen for a reason. I know that Eric and I were led to serve in a children's home for three years. I know God has brought people into our lives along the way in different places and jobs that we have held. Nothing happens by mere chance or accident. We have two beautiful boys and a life time of amazing memories and experiences. I wouldn't change any of that. Well...maybe I would change some spending habits. Or at least. . . I'd like to think I'd change that, if I had it to do over. Who wouldn't? I try to tell myself to remember that God can use my faults and shortcomings to help me grow. Even though I make the same mistakes over and over sometimes. What I especially love out my marriage is that even in spite of stressful situations or obstacles that arise...Eric and I always find things to laugh about to lighten the situation. We never seem to really have bad days on the same day. That helps us be able to encourage one another. I am so thankful for that! Eric is such a blessing. Money cannot buy a happy marriage. So while we are not independently wealthy, and we try very hard to stay on a strict budget. We are still much better off than many people in the world. We have never had to go to bed hungry. We have always had clean water to drink, clothes on our backs, and a warm bed to sleep in. I know children that came into our care at Thornwell who did not have these simple luxuries. Can you imagine not having a home to live in? Worse yet, can you imagine living in a home where your parents left and you didn't have food or running water? This is what happens to some children in America. You would imagine this is what happens only in poverty stricken countries, but yet it happens here. These are the thoughts I think of and then feel guilty of complaints about wishing we had just a little more money. I have great wealth in comparison to others. I have much to be thankful for. So maybe I don't have my degree finished. . . maybe I do work at Walmart part-time and wish I didn't. But, I have a job, and it's a job that helps me meet my family's needs. This is a job that I'm sure many individuals would be thankful to have. So maybe, God willing, someday I will have an opportunity to finish my degree! But, for now, I will cherish being able to spend more time with my little ones. Watching them grow and treasure the memories that we are building. For now I will use my art work as a hobby and a past-time....and hopefully pass some tips on to the boys so hopefully they can learn to enjoy it as well. Wes already seems to have a love for drawing...and Austin well I can't remember when he didn't like to draw! For now I will share some of my art on this blog! Hope you enjoy it!