Saturday, April 26, 2008

At Last, A Second Car!

We are very very very very...and I can't stress enough of the very.....thankful to have a second car at long last! We purchased a 2003 PT Cruiser! It is a five speed which will help with the wear and tear on the engine...and bring better gas mileage. The boys really like it. Wesley pointed to our other car (the corolla) and said, "I don't like that car". That's good because that's what the boys and I will be driving around in while Eric is at work. I was super excited to get a cheaper used car that was actually in great condition. It even has cruise control and leather seats. This car is going to be an amazing blessing for us. This has to have been by far the nicest car buying experience that Eric and I ever had. The guy we bought the car from is actually a dealer that mostly does old muscle car restorations. My little brother Brian would have been in hog heaven if he could have seen all the cars. He actually showed us around and we got to take a few pictures of the cars. Austin even got to sit inside a hummer. One of the cars was purchased from the movie set of GONE IN 60 SECONDS. It had actually been crashed for a stunt in the movie and he restored it. I am posting the pictures here mainly for Brian's enjoyment. This guy is the owner of Toy Box of Columbia. He does some fantastic work on the cars. He said the whole restoration process can take up to 18 months. He even said that if Brian (my little brother) is up for a visit we could bring him by for a tour of the cars!

So here are the pictures. These were taken with the cel phone, so the quality isn't great, but we still got a few good shots! Enjoy! Later I will get some pics of our new car up. It has been raining outside so that will have to wait for now!