Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today I am very unmotivated. The weather is once again dreary and chilly. It's that wet cold rainy type of weather that just makes you want to take a long nap or lounge around and read a good book. That is not reality though. That is just an idea of the most enjoyable way to spend this type of day. The kids are a bit tired of this weather too. They'd prefer to be outside playing and enjoying warm spring weather. I'm surprised to actually see that we have flowers in the flowerbed coming into bloom. It seems like the colder days have far out numbered the warm ones.
I'm using the cold wet weather as an excuse for not accomplishing the things on my to-do-list. I'm disappointed along with Austin. We were hoping for some good weather today. I'm off tonight and we had plans (weather permitting) to roast hotdogs in a small backyard campfire. Austin has been asking to do this for several weeks now. I even got the hotdogs and all the stuff needed, including a weanie roasting stick, the makings for smores, and some old fashioned rootbeer. Just for Eric's benefit I even picked up some smoked brats. It looks like we'll have to put those plans on hold. We'll have to see what happens this weekend. Our backup plan is to try and go bowling. We'll see how everyone is tonight. I'm hoping we can do some sort of fun family activity. It's been a while....and I could really use some type of family fun night!

I have been very bad about what I have been eating lately. I'd like to continually just blame all these things on the bad weather. On Sunday I picked up stuff to make sundaes. I had all the toppings! Yes, whipped cream too! Then on Wednesday I baked an apple pie! I made it with the strussel topping. Lots of butter and sugar! I can at least say that I made the crust with canola oil! So the crust part wasn't loaded with the bad stuff! Just the topping! Eric and I each had two slices! They were small slices! :) Once after dinner, and once before bed. Why am I being so honest about this on this blog? Can anyone relate? Does anyone else make dessert and then eat two helpings of it? I'd like acknowledge that I worked very hard at the store and worked up the appetite for the second serving after returning from my job. The worst part is today I was thinking about how I have all the ingredients around the house to make a chocolate cake. At least I have mastered baking deserts without hydrogenated oils! I should at least get brownie points for that! I'm going to try my hardest and not bake anything else for at least a week or so. We'll see how long I can hold out!

Other news, we have found a poodle we have taken in. He's a little guy about 10-12 pounds. I was hoping we'd find someone that had lost a dog. He's really a pretty good dog. He's neutered and house trained. I can't figure out why someone isn't looking for him. He seems like he was the unlucky victim of a dog dumping. We've been calling him Cocoa Loco. Wesley says that the "little tiny doggy is my friend". He's so cute with animals. He reminds me of myself when I was little. He is drawn to animals. Even the creepy crawly critters. I can remember before I knew any better, enjoying creepy crawly things that I would find in the yard, with the exception of roaches and spiders. I've been a bit phobic of those! I was a Florida kid. In Florida you have critters of all sorts year round thanks to the warm weather. It's funny to see a bit of yourself in your kids. Makes you wonder, is it just a kid thing? Or is it in the genes?

Here is a picture of the pooch we found. Petey would like to play a bit more, but the little guy has his guard up. Petey outweighs him by quite a bit!