Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Raspberry Cake!

Eric's cake turned out very well. I was so thankful! It was a bit of an experiment for me! He loved his cake. He had at least two pieces last night. That means he really likes it. The boys really liked it too. I made it with a chocolate butter cream frosting. I had just enough to get the cake done. I was cutting it close. I thought I might not have enough. Then I added some Belgium chocolate shavings to the top of the cake. I think Eric had a nice birthday. We made Monte Cristo sandwiches. I'm not sure how that's spelled. That was good too. The boys and I put balloons and decorations up in a hurry. We just wanted to make it special for Eric. One of our friends was supposed to come over, but at the last minute he had a work meeting and couldn't come. It ended up just being the four of us. But that's okay, we still had fun. Eric got a desktop fish tank for his desk at work. It was something he mentioned he wanted months ago. So....I found one at Walmart. I think the boys are disappointed it's for his office at work. It's really neat looking. I also made some chocolate truffles for Eric. They came out so good too!