Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!

Well. . . this has been a challenging week! It feels like we are in the full swing of the Christmas rush! But I'm happy to report I think we have completed our Christmas shopping. We have really downscaled and tried to keep it simple. We have even decided to go green on the Christmas tree. We decided to buy a cheap little mini tree that is an actual plant instead of a chopped down Christmas tree. So we will actually be able to plant this one in the backyard in the spring. I think it will be neat in the years to come to look at this tree growing in the back yard that was formerly our Christmas tree. You can't beat a $12 Christmas tree. It might not be as big and beautiful as the traditional tree, but it's cute in a Charlie Brown sort of Christmas way!

So I had a challenge with getting the boys picture done for a Christmas card. They are such silly little monkeys! The pictures are either blurred from movement, or only one of them is looking at the camera. Then Petey decided he wanted to be in the picture too, well because he is Petey, and he thinks he's people, or actually I think he thinks he's the third child in the family! I really wanted to use this picture for our card, but it just wouldn't work right in the layout....So you'll be pleasantly surprised when you get your cards because it's going to be a completely different picture! This picture is just too great to go to it's my
blog-worthy Christmas greetings photo!


Pauline said...

I love that picture. Looking forward to seeing the "official Christmas card". We still have to get our picture taken. Terry wants to get one done today but I REALLY don't think that it is going to get done!