Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting Ready for a Round of Birthdays!

Well...over the next week we will be getting ready for a round of birthdays. My brother's birthday is the 16th followed by mine on the 18th, and ending with Wesley's who also shares the same birthday with my late great-grandmother! For some reason December is a popular birthday month in our family! The birthday I'm most excited about is Wesley's! He's just at that age where he's really beginning to understand everything! He's so enthusiastic and comical! He has picked out SpongeBob Square Pants as the theme of course. We really aren't getting crazy with the theme or anything other than a tablecloth and some cupcakes. I am excited about the cupcakes though!! I found some cute little SpongeBob candies and some crabby I plan to get fully creative with the cupcakes! I really enjoy making I'm going all out! I think I'm going to give it a go at making oreo flavored cupcakes with vanilla creme frosting! Wes has given his approval at my flavor suggestions, so we are running with it! Then instead of goody bags....and also to really stay budget friendly...the boys and I are going to make Christmas sugar cookies to put in goody bags! Making sugar cookies is a fun family activity! We are going to have a busy week in the kitchen! I wish I lived close enough to make cupcakes for my little brother!! I can hardly wait to see if he likes the gift we picked out for him! He's been driving my parents nuts about wanting his present already!! We picked out a really funny gift for him! But, it's a I'll post more about that after his birthday! It makes me a little sad that we can't always be together to celebrate family members birthdays. But, I'm so thankful for technology of computers and web cams that make it possible to be there virtually!! :) We will be firing up the web cam so that we can chat with family on birthdays and Christmas!! Still can't believe my baby boy will be turning 3! I was playing with photos on PS tonight. I thought this one looked cute as a black and white picture! My oh my how fast they grow!! I'm so thankful to God for the blessing of being a mother! He has given me the most wonderful boys! They bring such joy to our lives! I love thinking about how God created every part of them! He picked the color of their hair and eyes and even where to place a freckle or two. He designed them with different personalities and gifts! I am reminded of the important job we have as their parents to teach them about having a relationship with God. A task I prayerfully ask God to help me with because I know I fall so short. But, I am so thankful for the unfailing grace He shows me on a daily basis. It's that same grace I try so hard not to forget to show my own children!!