Monday, January 12, 2009

A Day of Letterboxing

We had a great time on Saturday. We spent the afternoon on a letter boxing adventure. The weather was great!! We started the day with lunch in the park. Then we headed out on the trail to find the secret boxes. It took quite a while to find one of the boxes. It apparently had been buried sort of deep under a pile of leaves. Eric was determined, and after much searching and back tracking....he finally found it. His perseverance paid off! This is such a great family activity, and it's basically free to do with the exception of need a few basic supplies like an ink stamp pad, small pad of paper, rubber stamp that you can even make on your own very easily and cheaply. I sort of haven't gone that far yet. I have so many stamps that we just each pick our favorite to use. If we decide when and where to place a box, I may get that creative and make a stamp of our own. I imagine that Austin would probably be suggesting some sort of Starwars themed type stamp. This is a fun activity that I recommend to anyone who likes to get outdoors!! The only warning is that, depending on the location of some boxes, I have heard you have to be careful, you never know when a snake could be lurking around in a hiding spot. So just keep in mind to always look carefully before you reach in and grab boxes. In our experience, we have never seen a snake, but others have mentioned coming up on snakes in their adventures. We just have to keep in mind we are in a natural habitat, and this is where they live!


Pauline said...

That looks like so much fun. What park did you go to? How do you where to look for the boxes?