Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

We had an answer to our prayer. The boys got some snow to play in. Austin also got the day off from school! Eric had a two hour delay for work....but he did end up having to go in by 10. We were a little disappointed about that. We really wanted him here to enjoy the snow day with us. We are thankful that he at least had a little time with us before he had to go in! I can't stop staring out the window today. The snow has been falling all morning. It's so pretty to watch. It isn't sticking, the temp is too warm for that. It's still nice to watch it falling from the sky. The snow flakes are big and chunky and each one has a different shape to it. It seems the last few times it snowed, it happened at night. Now that we have some daytime snow, we can actually look at the snowflakes! So we are enjoying our blessing, the pretty snow God sent our way!! :) Frequent trips outside to bask in it, followed by cups of hot cocoa to warm us up! That is how we shall be spending our day!