Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Fever!

I have got the Spring Fever!!! I am loving the recent warm weather. I have been just itching to get outside and plant some flowers and prepare the soil for a new veggie garden. Today was just the perfect day to do that. I actually bought some seeds, but then I grew impatient with those and decided to buy a few flowers that are actually ready to be planted. That way I don't have to wait as long while the other seeds are sprouting!! I can get outside and enjoy some of God's beautiful handiwork!! I'm really not much of a green thumb, but I do like to pretend. Each spring I get a little smarter about gardening!! Hopefully this season I will have more veggies than the last, and I do miss the fresh spices. Can't wait till I can begin to use those again!! On our trip out to pick out some flowers, Austin spotted a peach tree. That boy LOVES peaches. I think if he had a choice, he would live off peaches. So, we decided we would give it a shot. We were told we might not get fruit from it until the second year, so Austin has been prepared! Eric did and awesome job getting it planted and mulched!! It appears the spring fever might have hit Eric too!

The other thing going on at our house has been painting and organizing. I have been wanting to paint our kitchen since we moved into our house about two years ago. Finally, Eric and were ready to make the commitment to put forth the effort to paint. We spent just about the whole day working on the kitchen, but the end results were just what I was hoping for. Before the painting I actually had been on a reorganizing kick. I was at my friend Pauline's house and she was showing me her organized baking supplies. For some time now my cabinets have been a pile of crazy madness. Odds and ends of this or that. Baking had started to lose it's fun when I had to go on a search mission to find the ingredients lost within my cabinets. So, I got some inexpensive plastic containers and the handy labeler my parents gave me and begin the organizing process. It feels good having an organized cabinets!! I still have a few other areas in the kitchen that need attention, but at least I can bake and cook with ease now!! I have most recently made a loaf of bread and a really yummy low fat chocolate cake!! And I enjoyed the process because finding every thing was simple!! I even managed to get some pictures of at least the kitchen part. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some shots of the flower garden and peach tree! Time change is still throwing me for a loop. I have been running behind schedule all day! I fear what kind of Monday we will have tomorrow!!


colorfulwoman said...

Hey Sheri! I have missed seeing you! Your house looks awesome, I need some of that spring inspiration around here:)
Praying for you and your family...