Monday, March 30, 2009

Trials of Life

I haven't been much in the spirit of blogging. We spent a week in Florida after my grandmother had a stroke about a week after my grandfather's death. It's been a couple of heart wrenching weeks for my family. The week after we returned, I just felt out of sorts. I just wanted to be at home with my family just enjoying each other's company. I know now the reason I didn't have the opportunity to attend my grandfather's funeral. I really believe that God allowed the timing of things to happen the way that they did so that I could be with family when we would need each other the most. If we'd taken the time off to go down for the funeral, we definitely would not have been able to go again a week later. It was comforting to be with family at a time when things were so difficult and our hearts were discouraged. I needed to see my dad. I couldn't even imagine how much hurt he has been experiencing in such a short amount of time. My father is the oldest, and I think the oldest child feels some sort of burden to be the leader. I think that is just what goes with the territory of being a firstborn in any family. I knew once my grandmother had the stroke I needed to get to Florida as soon as possible. God opened the doors for us. Eric did have some work challenges along the way, but he is so amazing and he he managed to get that all taken care of while on our trip, along with taking care of the boys and my brother. Have I mentioned how AWESOME Eric is!!?? I am so blessed to get to share my life with him!! God is so GOOD!! Even though my grandmother couldn't speak, I really think that she recognized us and she gave the boys big smiles. She even smiled at my jokes on more than one occasion. God only knows what her future holds, but I am so thankful that we all got so visit her and see her big smile. I have comfort in knowing that God cares about her even more than HE cares for the sparrows! I'm putting my trust in him to care for and provide for her needs. I really didn't feel like I had enough time with my family! I never do! The time just flew by altogether too quickly. But, I am so thankful to have spent some time with them. I even got to spend some quality time with my oldest brother and his family. It was such a breath of fresh air during an emotionally trying week. God is GOOD and HE is in control. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

My next post will be more uplifting!! God has been encouraging my heart as I watch our new flower and veggie gardens grow!! His creations are so amazing!! He is our ultimate provider and comforter of our souls!! God is our refuge!!! I have really learned that throughout the last few weeks!!


Mari Fontana said...

I have prayed for you...hope to see you soon. Missed you at Bible Study.

colorfulwoman said...

Hey Sheti:) I am so sorry you are going through some really rough times. I am so glad to hear how God has cpmforted you and provided comfort through your family and husband. Praying for you friend! See you tonight.

colorfulwoman said...

I wrote Sheti, I meant Sheri!!