Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter Miracle!!

I am so excited that Captain Phillips is now safe!! Details of the story are not all together clear yet. The most important part is that he is safe!! There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that God is ultimate source of this miracle. In a situation that looked increasingly hopeless, this man has escaped unharmed. The odds were certainly not in his favor as far was the circumstances go. But, God has the power to keep men safe. I know there has been an out pouring of prayers for this man. It does seem likely that his man is a Christian from what has been reported by the media. A reverend at a church in this man's hometown claims the captain and his family are members of the church. So if all of that is true, what a true example of a mere man modeling Christ in his life!!! What a wonderful story and what amazing timing of all of these events!! Do you think that's by God's design?? Just some of the things I ponder through my mind!!! God is always at work, always showing us that He is our refuge, He is our hope, He is our heavenly Father!! I am excited!!! Happy Easter!! Thank you God for showing us miracles!!