Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hoping everyone has a blessed Easter. We will be spending some time today coloring some eggs. Tomorrow we will have a busy day. The boys will be hunting for Easter eggs. Then we will head off to church for a fellowship breakfast and service! We are looking forward to some quality family time tomorrow. Much of our week as been spent getting a loft/bunk bed completed for the boys room. Eric and I are feeling a bit sore as a result. We had a rough go with the painting part. We started out thinking we would do a stain. Then we realized that wouldn't cover over some of the markings on the wood. So we made the decision to switch to a high gloss black paint. Then we discovered that paint took a considerable amount time to dry. We also had a problem with the paint clumping and bubbling mostly due to the cooler weather. So we finally finished the paint job with some glossy black spray paint. So finally on Thursday night we managed to start assembling the bed. Friday morning we finally finished the build and set up their room. Austin got to sleep on the bed for the first time last night and you should have seen he big smile on his face!! Eric has quite the carpentry skills!! Not sure how he managed to hide these carpentry skills for all these years!! It was an eventful way to spend Eric's week of furlough from work. It was just nice for all of us be together not having to run here or there with work and school schedules!!

Last weekend Kendall and Alexis came for a visit. We made a trip out the zoo and botanical gardens. Austin and Wes just loved having the Deal kids over. Eric and Kendall managed to plays some X-box basketball and record some drum beats on the electric drums. So needless to say our weekends have been action packed.

On to the more serious side of things, we are still needing prayer for my grandmother and my parents. She continues to have some struggles along the way. She has most recently been refusing to eat. Her electrolytes are off as a result. They are also going to be evaluating her for a feeding tube. It seems they think she may be having trouble swallowing correctly and there are concerns that she maybe be ingesting food into her lungs, putting her at risk for other infections. Prior to this she had seemed to be making some improvements, but this week has presented new obstacles and challenges. It looks as though she may be having to return to the hospital until they can get her situation more stable.


Mari Fontana said...

Happy Blessed Easter!!! Sorry to hear about your grandmaother. I will pray for her!

Pauline said...

Where are the pictures of the new bed???? I Can't wait to see it. I am sure it looks great. Was this a kit that you bought or is this something that Eric just came up with?