Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little Boo Boo Buddy!

We have had some challenging times at our house over the last few days.  Our little man Wes took a tumble on the playground.  He bumped his chin pretty hard.  I knew immediately when I saw it that he would most likely need stitches.  Thankfully we were at the park with friends.  They were not only a huge help to us, but also a great blessing.  Amazing how God puts people around us at exactly the right moments!  God's providence never ceases to amaze me!  Our friend Mari helped get a bandaid on the little man and kept Austin for me while Wes and I headed to the doctor's office.  I was afraid they wold turn us away since it was so late in the afternoon.  I thought maybe they would send us to the ER.  We must have been a sight to see because they brought Wes and I some wet cloths so we could clean ourselves up. The nurse even brought him a little teddy bear.  Have I mentioned that I really love our doctor's office and staff!!??  Wes was as tough as he could be all things considered!  The doctor got about two stiches in and decided to leave it at that.  Wesley's sobs made his chin quiver, so I can't imagine what that must have been like for our doctor! It was so hard to watch as a mama!!  This was way worse then watching both the boys get shots!   But, five minutes afterwards Wes was happily digging prizes out the the bin at the doctors office.  Even had it in his mind to grab one for his big brother!!  That alone both impressed me and warmed my heart! Wesley is a good egg!! :)

I wish I could say that's where our story ended, but no, there's more!  I have been begging Wes to slow down.  Since the very day after the stitches he has been trying to run, jump, and climb on everything!  Wes only goes one speed, fast.  On Monday I grew excited at the thought that we only needed to make it through two more days before his stitches come out!  Then towards the end of the night, Wes was taking a bath.  He was still as restless as ever.  And then of course, just before I'm getting ready to take him out of the tub, he begins playing around in the tub crawling on his hands and knees rocking around.  No sooner than I said, No don't do that, it might make you slip" .....Guess what? Before I could even finish that sentence, he slightly slips and taps his chin on the top of the tub.  And again I had that sick feeling in my stomach.   I knew right away by the look on his face that he bumped that exact spot.   So I took a look at the stitches, and sure enough he bumped the spot where he has the stitches.  Thankfully he didn't bump it too hard, but enough that I knew we were going to have to go get it looked at.  He of course is begging that we don't go.  He remembers the last time we went.  We get ready to head out to the least desirable place to be, Urgent Care.  In my head thoughts of swime flu and stomach virus exposure are swirling through my head.  Yes, I'm a bit of a germaphobe!   This had to be done though.  We had to take care of our little man!  We get to the medical  center and it's teaming with people.  I see people waiting with barf buckets and others wearing face masks.  There is a big welcoming sign in huge bold letters that says if you are showings signs of flu-like symptoms let the front desk know immediately.  It was a sight.  I wanted to run for the hills.  But, I grinned and bared it.  I said a silent prayer to God asking for protection.  After filling out registration papers, Wes and I chose to wait in an outer open area away from all the sickly looking people.   Not long after we got there, Eric and Austin arrived.  They decided to come join us for moral support.  It was nice that we were all together.  After almost two hours, we finally got to see a doctor.  He takes one look at Wesley's chin and says that it's going to have to heal the way it is.  Wes was thrilled to know he wouldn't be getting any new stitches.  Apparently his cut would have been more prone to infection if they were to try and do more.  I think the cut will leave a slightly bigger scar than he originally had, but at least he didn't have to suffer more.  The fact that the cut is on his chin is another plus.  It will be hardly noticeable since it's in that particular spot.  Eric and I contemplated rolling him in bubble wrap until he's all healed up!  We know that's not a realistic option....but that thought did cross our minds!! For now we will have to wait and see what the doctor says tomorrow.  He is supposed to be getting the stitches out in the morning....of course that was all before the incident on Monday night! We'll keep you posted! Say a prayer for us!!


Pauline said...

WOW, it sounds like a rough week. I will be praying that Wes will slow down.