Friday, September 4, 2009

Sticker Boy!

Have I failed to mention that life with Wes is NEVER EVER boring??? He always manages to give us something to laugh about! I usually know he is up to something when he is very quiet. He was born noisy. The only time he is very quiet is when he is busy at work. These free stickers arrived in the mail. He just thought that was the coolest thing ever to arrive in the mail. Well, that and packages from grandparents. He is a smart kid! On the day the stickers arrived he made sure to stick every single sticker on his legs while watching his favorite cartoon. On this particular day when I decided to investigate the quietness, I found one very content sticker boy! At our house we always make sure the camera is ready to go!

Wes is growing up fast! In the blink of an eye he became potty trained, learned how to swim, and now officially knows how to write his name, or at least his nick name. (Wes) Actually, if you call him by his full name, he will inform you that his name isn't Wesley, it is in fact, Wes. Be sure to call him Wes unless you want a stern correcting from a three year old! :) Trust me as one who has been corrected! All I know is that all this rapid growing up must be from trying to be just like his favorite big brother! Next thing I know he'll be asking us to take the training wheels off his bike!! Oh my!