Friday, August 22, 2008

Napping Buddies!

I came across this picture. I'm thinking that Eric must have taken this one. I don't remember seeing it before. Once I came across it I just knew it needed to be up here on the blog. Yes, this photo is definitely blog worthy. Lately I have had so many pictures that I want to share. I think I'm just going to have to create yet another slide show! I'm so addicted to slide shows. When I see all the things you can do with the Mac software (like make slide show dvds) it makes me want to run and buy one. But, wanting and doing are two separate things for a large ticket item like that!

This week proved to be challenging for Austin. Something about his Spanish teacher just overwhelms him. Unfortunately, this seems to be the class time when he most needs to use the restroom. Today she wouldn't let him go. So...needless to say...more tears at school. It frustrates me, but what am I to do. Hopefully Austin will get used to the school schedule and manage to use the restroom before her class. He may in for a rough year if he doesn't. Funny thing is yesterday he didn't have Spanish class and his day seemed to go much better! He came home today and had a rice crispy treat and the world seemed a whole lot better!