Thursday, August 28, 2008


It has been quite a while since my last update. We have been busy settling into the new school year routine. I have to say that I do miss the laid back days of summer! But, I am looking forward to fall. Austin is having a great second week of school! He had a great day at Spanish yesterday and actually remembered some of the things he's learning. Now that is progress! What a huge answer to prayer! Austin seems to be feeling much more comfortable. We had to have a conversation about why we don't put pencil erasers up our noses. I guess when you start goofing off and put pencil erasers up your news, that's a sign of feeling carefree! Ah, the things we do when we are little! Wes misses Austin while he is at school. But, I think he also enjoys the one on one time with Mom while they are apart. We have been filling our days with doing puzzles, coloring, play dough, and playing ball in the yard. He is really becoming quite the conversationalist. I can just see it already. He's going to have his father's great debating skills. He's always ready when it's time to pick up Austin from school. I'm so thankful that I get to be there to pick him up. I get to hear Austin chatter away, telling me all about the things that happened at school that day! I wouldn't trade these moments for the world!
I have joined the facebook bandwagon. I'm so glad that I did. It has been so great getting back in contact with long lost friends and family! It's also very distracting. I find myself needing to use will power to not be wasteful of my time. One really great thing is that we have been able to talk to one of our guys that was in our cottage when we worked at Thornwell. He is officially a college student. I can't help, but to feel so proud of him! We have really missed getting to see him after leaving Thornwell. He was so busy his senior year that we hardly ever heard from him. To see how well he is doing and to see how hard he has worked, is such a blessing and answer to prayer! It seems like only yesterday he was just a middle school aged kid! Keep him in your prayers! He's got a bit of a foot injury that has prevented him from being in his first couple of college track meets. I can't imagine the challenges of facing your first few weeks of college having to deal with a foot injury!

Eric and I are going to enjoy this day! He's actually off today! I just love days when he's home! I still miss when we used to get to work together. Not that I mind where we are at this point in our lives. I am so thankful and content. I just treasure that we got to have the experience of spending our work days together! We are better for it! I just hope that we were a blessing in some way to the children that came in and out of our care from the Thornwell days. I have been doing a lot of pondering on those days! God has been so good to us. I have much to be thankful for. I'm so undeserving for all the blessings God has given me. Makes me want to work harder to try and live life to glorify Him! I know I will still fall short, but I still want to try.