Friday, September 5, 2008

Cranking Out the Quilts

Well...I have to mom is more productive than I am! She has been a quilting machine lately! I of course have to showcase her work. I just think she does such a good job. It seems she does a good job at what ever task she has at hand! I think I am a bit to distracted by other things. But, I'm not complaining! Lately I have been having a lot of fun with the boys. We made a trip to the library and checked out some great books. Wes is turning into quite the bookworm too, I'm happy to report. Austin has been discovering some great authors at school. He is just loving reading books these days! Eric and I can no longer spell things out if we are trying to have a private conversation. Now Austin is learning lots of new Spanish soon I won't be able to use that as a secret language either. Ah, the trials of kids growing up! I have been teaching Wes his ABC's. We have been doing some really cute crafty things. I have decided to make his own ABC scrap book. I wish I had done one for the things Austin I did while we homeschooled over the previous year and a half. I just never thought of it until now. Oh well! So we are always finding things to keep ourselves entertained! Here are the photos from our week! Enjoy! :)