Monday, September 22, 2008

What a great weekend!

I am just now getting around to posting about our weekend visit with old friends. Words can't justify how much fun the weekend was. I'm also still tired from the weekend. We just stayed busy the whole time. We started the night off with some Rock Band on the X-Box. Of course this was Eric's idea. He is after all, a rock band junkie! Everyone got in on the action. Even the kids gave the instruments and singing a whirl! The kids stayed up late playing and got up early the next morning to begin more playing. Karma made sure to set her alarm early to maximize play time! She and Austin had loads of fun. She has a very cool bedroom with a balcony view of the lake. Austin thought that was pretty awesome! Wes loved following them around trying to be one of big kids! One of the greatest things for the kids was having all this wide open sandy beach area all to themselves. Endless open space and fresh air to run around in. The weather could not have been more beautiful! The lake is just crystal clear and when it reflects the sky it just has the most beautiful shade of blue to it. I think I like this lake way better than Lake Murray. It just felt so clean and refreshing. Even our pictures just don't do the lake justice! You just have to see it in person to really appreciate it!
The kids got to try out tubing! The adults (minus Eric) got to try out some knee boarding. That was a challenge for me. It took some bruises, choking on water, and four attempts before I finally managed to get on the knee board. I think I was about nineteen or twenty the last time I'd tried that. Elizabeth, who'd never done it before, was up on her first try! I don't think there's anything she can't do! She made it look so easy! Eric wasn't willing to try it! He was more than willing to drive the Jet ski. He may turn into a boat guy just yet!! :)
We even got to ride over to a mysterious island with a very old cemetery! I really need to get those pics posted on here! And I promise I will! It was amazing exploring the island. It felt like the island in the series LOST! The beach sand reminded me so much of the ocean. For now I have to end this post! But Elizabeth and Rob, if you are reading this post, THANKS so much for an amazing weekend! I don't think we could ever top this kind of fun at our house! You have us beat!! Hopefully we can make that trip to Charleston some time soon!! :) Thanks again for having us out!! We cannot express how much we enjoyed hanging out with you and letting our kids have some totally new experiences that will last a lifetime! It was great catching up Elizabeth. I don't know if Eric and Rob got to quite sit around and chat like we did. I think we kept them busy with the kids out on the the Lake!!! :) But they're guys, so that probably doesn't matter as much!! Guys are more about doing than talking, right? Or at least that's how Eric usually is! :) Sorry they didn't have the chance to play some basketball! Hopefully they will get another chance soon. I think Eric is a little worried. Rob already has a height advantage....and then top it off he's been going to the gym!


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