Sunday, September 14, 2008

Learning Letter "B"

This past week was a challenging one. We had open house at Austin's school. With a school of just under 700, you can imagine what that was like. Parking was a nightmare....we were packed into his school like sardines. Didn't seem like the best planned event. But, it was nice to see his classroom and all the things they are doing and learning.
I have had a very bad couple of weeks with allergies. The pollen count has consistently remained at a high level. Motivation is very hard to find these days. I did manage to get a few activities done with Wesley this past week. He participated, but not with the same enthusiasm as last week. We may extend letter B into this week just to get a few more crafts in. I didn't finish all the things I had planned due to other things coming up. Wes has also become quite the puzzle junkie. He even tackled a bigger puzzle made for ages 5 and up! He loves a challenge! He loves to do big puzzles. He needs help to do them, but he can figure out a lot on his own. He loves to take them apart and do them over and over. That is another thing that he and I spent a lot of time doing this week.
Today we took the boys to a party. Thought Austin was going to have a cow because it was a girl's Hannah Montana party. I swear he hid the party invitation a couple of weeks ago because it mysteriously disappeared. I think he didn't want any of his guy friends to see it in the house! Taking him to pick out a girlie present was even more humiliating for him. He was sure she wanted boyish Lego toys. At the party he was so excited to find another couple of boys at the party. The girls took to shrieking in one room saying, "No boys allowed!" It was pretty funny seeing the boys stick with boys and the girls stick with girls. I know I have to enjoy the girls are icky stage because before too long he will be girl crazy! Not that he minds having a couple of friends that are girls, but don't dare ask him who he likes!