Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Early Present

Wes got an early birthday present from Grandma "P". He had so much fun opening the present and throwing the paper on the floor. We thought he'd never get it open he was taking his time enjoying the paper. She gave him this very cool reindeer that records a greeting. He liked playing over and over, but now he has figured out how to record his own sounds on there. He likes to say, "Ho, Ho, Ho." and "Don't Bug Me!"

Austin has his last football game this Saturday. His team has been undefeated so far. He thinks that is pretty cool. He is really serious on the football field. I have some great pictures of him with this intense look of concentration on the field. He is very excited about his football team party this weekend!

We finally got our tree up and decorated. I tried really hard to get a reindeer antler picture of Petey. Unfortunately, Petey eventually got his paws in the antlers and chewed them into a thousand tiny pieces. Guess he was teaching me a lesson for trying to get him to wear the antlers! I did manage to get one good photo before that happened though! :)