Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Weekly Spanish Lesson by Tyler Jones

Weekly Spanish Lesson by Tyler Jones

This is a link that I found. I am hoping to help Austin gain more confidence about Spanish. His Spanish teacher had him a bit overwhelmed today. (it's only the first day of school!!!) He claims she only spoke in Spanish just about the whole time she taught the class. He broke down and cried tonight with fear of having to go back to her class. I promised him I would help him learn lots of Spanish so he will feel more confident. From Austin's perspective his teacher seems to be like a bit of a meanie. She told him he was going to get in trouble for crying. He needed to go to the bathroom, but she gave him a hard time about it. Austin claims she told him she would let him go because it was the first day. I'm thinking, Hello....duh??? He's seven. Kids have to go when they have to go!! I also remember hearing my neighbor complain about this teacher the last school year. She said the teacher sent home work for her son who was out sick that week. Well the teacher only gave instructions in Spanish on how to do the work. So, needless to say, the parent was frustrated because she was at a loss on how to help her son try and do the work if she didn't understand the instructions! Overall I think Austin had a good day, but this overshadowed if for him a bit! We told him he is going to have to be patient and persevere through it like a Starwars Jedi! Austin loves anything referenced to Starwars!! On the flip side....Austin's teacher seems to be really nice. I even found out that someone we used to go to church with (she used to be a teacher here in our area) is actually good friends with his teacher! That really made me feel good about her being Austin's teacher! I think maybe it was some divine intervention that God has allowed Austin be in this teacher's class! :) It was really hard letting go and putting Austin in school. I was torn on it. I really thought I wouldn't be. I was thinking how nice it would be to not have to worry about planning lessons and finding curriculum. In the end...I'm actually a little sad. The house is a bit quieter without him here all day. But I think Austin and I will both grow from the whole experience. I think he will also get to know some new kids his age! We just have to get back in the routine of being in school again!


Pauline said...

Oh, I am so sorry that his first day was so stressful for him. I hope today will be better. I remember Joel said the same thing last year about his spanish class. The teacher only talked Spanish. Tell Austin that he got through it. It will get better!
Have a good day.