Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween has come and gone once again. It's funny how for a child it seems like it takes forever for the fun day to arrive. Then in a blink it's done and over. We managed to have some fall fun from last weekend through tonight. Last Saturday we took the boys to a church trunk or treat. On Wednesday, we carved pumpkins with the kids. Then on Thursday, Wes got to dress up and celebrate at a toddler/parent program they have at one of the local elementary schools. It was crazy how excited the kids were. It was quite the craziness. The kids were all over the place. If you look at the one group pictures all the kids are doing different crazy things. One girl is sticking out her tongue. Another boy dressed as batman appears to either picking a winner or scratching his nose. You decide! :) This one shot the best we could get. The kids didn't even have sugar yet, but you couldn't keep them still for long. I think even Wes was a little overwhelmed with the energy level because before long he was requesting to go home! I think I was happy he was ready to go because I was feeling a bit tired that day too. You see, the night before Petey the amazing border collie, woke us up every hour from about 1:30 till 4:30. At that point I decided to lock him in (doggy jail) his crate for the rest of the night. I don't know what he was barking at, usually it's the wind. He's like child with an over grown imagination. All I know is I was very mad at him for disturbing my sleep. I gave him a good scolding the next night and forewarned him that he would be suffering my wrath if he repeated the same barking routine. He must have understood because he put himself in the crate and I didn't hear a peep the rest of the night. Funny thing is that Austin has been trying to get the dog to sleep in his bed at night. Which Petey starts out there, but for some reason he doesn't stay there. It's like he's on night guard duty as he sleeps in different spots around the house. We have also found a kitten. Eric and I have been against getting another cat. We really have been. But, then of course, as it would only naturally have to happen, about a couple weeks before this cat shows up, Austin starts asking if he can have a kitten because Shadow was already an adult cat when we got him.'s hard sometimes saying no to your kid. Especially when you have a kid as great as Austin. He works really hard at school. His teacher always has great things to say about him. He's patient for the most part with his challenging little brother. So, we really didn't say yes to his request. We just sort of gave him the I don't know and left it at that. Then this kitten shows up at a time when the weather has turned down right chilly. It doesn't help that he is this kitten that is skinny and pitiful. His ears look too big for his head. I mean who can say no to a kitten all alone in the cold world. I guess that would be Eric and I. Then to make saying no even harder, our cat Shadow, who typically hates all other cats, welcomes this one right in. He actually makes these cute little meow noises at the kitten. He gives the kitten baths a few times a day. He acts practically like he is a mama cat. The last time Shadow saw a kitten, he hissed at it. But for some reason, when this one showed up, he instantly accepted him without any hesitance. So that made things a bit harder to say no. So, it looks like we are going weak and opening our doors to this little stray. He is cute. He's still a bit scared of everyone and everything, with the exception of Shadow. So taking his picture has been a big challenge! But he's not afraid of pouncing on our feet when we are sleeping for some reason. That's the one time he isn't afraid of us. Lucky us!
So here are the pictures from our fun. We are going to have a busy weekend with visitors from Thornwell. I really should be doing things around the house to get ready for that, yet here I am, still sitting here blogging. I think I'm going to form a support group for those addicted to blogging! I have to make my decision very soon, as in the next couple of do the post on my blog everyday in November challenge. My only issue is that we will be traveling to FL for Thanksgiving...and I just have a great fear that I would be able to make my posts during that time on the road. Eric has loaned our laptop to a good friend who has to go out of state for three months of training. And since he is going to be all alone in a strange new city, Eric offered to let him borrow it. We rarely use the laptop anyway, but this would have been one instance where it would have been good to have. But, I think Eric's friend will have more need for the laptop then I will. And I found out about this blog challenge well after we'd already promised to lend out the laptop. So the more I think of it, the more I feel like entering the contest isn't something I think I could pull off. If we weren't traveling, then I would most likely give it a go. But who knows, I may still sign up. I'm still undecided.


Pauline said...

Ok now, so where do you sign up for this contest? You need to share with all those other "Blog aholics"!(Did I spell that right?)