Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shadow Is Home!

We were so excited to find Shadow this morning. After not finding him for three nights, things were beginning to look grim. We'd checked with the shelter, checked for any microchip activity, and posted various signs. Petey dog started to bark at
5:30 am, so Eric took him out. When he came back in he woke me up and told me he thought he'd heard a cat meowing. I don't know if I've ever shot out of bed with so much energy after hearing those words. Sure enough when we went outside we could hear him meowing. Unfortunately he seemed to be trapped inside our neighbors garage. We don't think he'd been there all along because we would have heard his meows for sure as he was pretty loud! So unfortunately, we had to wait until a more appropriate time of the morning to ring the neighbors doorbell. It was so hard knowing Shadow was there so close, but we still couldn't get to him. But all the while was thanking God because I was sure we'd found our kitty. I only hoped my neighbor wouldn't be angry with us about our cat being in his garage. I don't know how they slept through his meowing to be honest. At about 7ish I heard my neighbor start his car. The weird thing is, my neighbor always runs his car for a few minutes before he leaves. When we moved here, I used to hate that, it bugged me to no end. But man oh man, was I ever so thankful that he warms up his car. Because I never would have been able to catch him before he left for work to ask if I could check his garage for our cat. Sure enough when he opened the door, I could still hear Shadow meowing, but he was still hiding. At first I was worried that maybe he was inside the engine of their other car because I could hear the meowing, but I couldn't see him. Then I just kept calling and he just popped out of a box in the corner. No worse for the wear. I was so excited!! So thankful! I owe my neighbor big time for putting up with our wacky cat! Turns out they did hear his meowing, and they did look around, but didn't quite figure out that it was coming from the garage! Probably because he was hiding so well. I walked in the door and Austin was actually just waking up and I ran to his room with our cat telling him to look who was back. He was just so thrilled! I think we all piled in our bed with kitty who really didn't seem to bad considering he'd been lost out there during two days of some serious rain and thunderstorms! But he has been sleeping a lot!