Friday, November 21, 2008

Great Movie

Tonight was our family movie night. We watched Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. What a great movie! Eric and I commented on just how it felt so close to home as it was set in the time period of the Great Depression. There were several mentions of foreclosures. It's startling because history seems to be repeating itself a bit with the stumbling stock market, high rates of foreclosures, and unemployment. I was glad that Austin was able to watch this because I think it really helped put a subject that can be so complicated to understand in perspective for a child on their level. It was too much for little Wes to comprehend of course, but he sat through bits and pieces of it. Popcorn, snuggles, and hot cocoa make movie night fun no matter what.

Overall, today has been a really nice day! Eric had the day off! Have I mentioned how awesome his job is! His work schedule is such a huge blessing to us! So we got to spend the day together! He surprised me this morning by making me a pancake with a big letter S on it. It made me nearly tear up because that's a tradition that his uncle used to do for everyone at family get-togethers. And now as the holidays are upon us, it makes me sad because I wish he was still here with us. I just had to look over on the fridge where we have a favorite picture of Uncle Bill with Eric as a toddler sitting on his lap. I put the picture up there ever since we got a copy of it from Aunt Barb, and I just can't take it down. It helps bring back the good memories of a very special uncle who touched us all with his spunky spirit.


Pauline said...

I have been wanting to watch that movie too but we are going to get it for Riley for Christmas (she is really getting into the American Girls stories)so I don't want to watch it until then. I am looking forward to it:)

Mari Fontana said...

I want to get that movie for Samantha too...I have some pictures around the house of people like that in our home...they will always be remembered fondly!