Friday, November 14, 2008

Lost Kitty

Our best kitty in the whole wide world is missing and we are very sad at our house. We have had two rainy days. We think maybe Shadow snuck out late the night before when we let the dog out, and then got scared and ran away. He's not good outdoors. Everything scares him! Once he gets out, he tends to panic. Austin is taking it very hard. I'm trying hard not to get upset in front of him, but if we don't find Shadow soon, I'm afraid my emotions are going to get the best of me. Yesterday we searched the neighborhood and we searched the woods behind our house. Then we also put up posters with his picture and our phone number. We even talked to a few neighbors. No one seems to have seen him. I worry that he may be stuck up a tree somewhere. He did that once a couple of years ago. The hardest thing is that the weather has been so rainy. Shadow has been out there somewhere during two thunderstorms. This morning there was really a bad thunderstorm. I'm glad Austin was still asleep because he would have been beside himself thinking of his cat stuck out there in the middle of it. I'm praying he'll have a good day at school because I know even as he left this morning, it was weighing on his heart. The weird thing is that before I realized Shadow was missing, I'd been reading a Bible devotion with Wes about being afraid. We read (Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I will trust in you.) I reflected on this verse throughout the day yesterday and reminded Austin of it as well as we prayed before bedtime adding special prayers for Shadow. I believe our God who cares for even for the little birds, cares about our pets as well. I realize fully that pets don't have the value of a human life. That doesn't mean that our pets don't have a special place in our hearts. I'm reminded that in this less than perfect world, that the outcome may be that Shadow doesn't make it home. So that verse is a reminder to put my trust in God that he will get us through it. I just have to remember to teach my boys that when we have sadness and fears that it's God who we can rely on to give us strength and comfort. For now, I'm putting my trust in God and praying that He will help us find our kitty. My heart is a sad with wonder of trying to figure out what happend to our special pet. I'm so used to having Shadow around. He is part of our daily habits. He always begs to lick the ice cream bowl, following me around until I give in. I'm used to him hanging out in the bathroom when I shower. I'm used to waking up at night with him snuggled up on my pillow by my head. Austin is used to Shadow laying in his bed as he falls asleep. And as I write this post tears are starting to well up in my eyes as rain beings to fall and thunder begins to rumble in the distance. Shadow, where are you? Please come home!