Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

I found this picture the other day, Austin made it last Christmas season! I don't remember seeing it before, so when I found it, I just knew it would be a keepsake!! I wanted to share it with everyone! :) Especially the grandparents because I know they get a big kick out of the boys' artwork!!

I know that Thanksgiving is still several days away, but it sure feels like maybe we are just skipping that one and just rolling right to Christmas. The stores already have their decorations and trees up. Some of the radio stations are playing Christmas music. I think Austin wrote his Christmas list way back in September. What's the rush? And what in the world is up with the weather. The weather outside sure makes it feel like we have moved straight on to winter! One of my crazy neighbors already has their Christmas tree up! People, can we just get through Thanksgiving?? Okay, okay, I know, I'm in the Christmas spirit too. I admit it! I have even added some Christmas music to my playlist...:) maybe it's the chilly weather!! I just wish Christmas wasn't so commercialized! I think this holiday season we are going to try very hard to be more involved in some type of charity work....something to really help us all think outside the box and not forget that we really should as Christians show God's love by helping others. Maybe we'll help at a toy drive. I'd really like to do something to help in the Congo area. Things are so bad over there. There are all these refugee children caught in the middle of war activity. Seems awful that we are just thinking about budgeting Christmas gifts and our tanking economy, when here are all these hurthing children, some separated from their parents, homeless, hungry, and most definitely not out of harms way!! If you ask me what I think should be done, I think AIG should have to give back the money they have been wasting at these resort functions and send that money to help aid in places like the Congo. But, I'm not in charge! I hope these goofy business people realize just how selfishly they are living!! What a terrible waste of money when there is such desperate needs of children at stake.